IP Communication - Call Box 600

Call Box 600

The ultimate communicator for hospitals

- SIP based firmware support best compatibility with many Hospital communication system and firmware & configure with auto provision
- MOBILE platform chipset with excellent power management, which extend unit working hours than many WIFI voice device
- EASY operation, as voice identify calling in hands-free mode allows staff to keep working while communicating
- WEIGHT less than 80g: Lightweight, wearable design ensure the C600 is readily available and easy to use.

Topic B122 Plus Red

Topic B122 Red

Wallmountable unit with 4 one touch memories
Lockable keyboard
Emergency / Alarm telephone
Ideal for use as back up telephone on IP networks

Topic Senior IP Telephone

Big Button Senior VOIP telephone

- Desk or wall mountable
- 3 Photo one-touch memories
- 10 Two-touch memories
- Extra large figures on buttons
- Ringer flashlight-LED
- Full hands free with volume control
- Handset amplification
- Flash- call transfer
- Last number redial
- Mute for privacy

Topic 2013 Big Button Telephone

Topic 2013 - White



Topic 1040 RC


- SOS phone with remote pendant: emergency call with message to 3 pre programmed numbers
- Waterproof (ip56) pendant, max. 2 programmable
- With SOS-medaillon
- Wired alarm contact (alarm function)
- Handsfree communication controlled by button or by pendant
- 3 photo keys + 10 abbreviated dial numbers
- Hearing aid compatible
- Amplified handset +40dB
- Loud ring +90dB
- Speech tone frequency control
- Big illuminated keys

Topic Big Button Phone

Big Button: Black & White
- Desk or wall mountable
- 3 one-touch photo memories
- 10 Two-touch memories
- Receiver volume control
- Ringer switch ON/OFF
- Extra large figures on buttons
- Ringer LED-flashlight
- Full handsfree with volume control
- Handset amplification +26db
- Last number redial
- Mute for privacy

Topic Dect

Big Button Dect.jpg

- Big keys and LCD with Backlight Illumination
- Amplification Handset up to +55 Db
- Super Loud Ringer Base/Handset +80 Db
- 5 Steps Digital Volume Control
- Handsfree Talking(Duplex)
- Hearing Aid Compatible
- Off Hook Dialing
- Multiple Settings for Sound and Volume Handset
- LED-Indicator Calls
- Menu 10 Languages
- 3 Direct Memories

Topic B122 Plus

Topic B122 Plus

Wallmountable unit with 4 one touch memories
Lockable keyboard

Card Vending Machine


The Card vending machine is installed in securiyty public areas. This card vending machine is bundeld with a bill acceptor and dual dispensers into the unit as an easy payment solution at user convience. it provides quick and easy way to insert bill te get card.
By being RMS (Remote Management System) accessed, alld daily report, collection report and alarm report information are easy attainable at any time. The card vending machine with telemetry system allows teh owner to run their business more effeciently through any PC over IP network. It is suitable for installing in most public areas for selling phone card and other cards, such as shopping complexes, schools/colleges/universities or bus/train.

Topic CX-910 GSM


- Follow-on call
- Language selectable
- Vault coin door
- Internal SIM card holder
- Last number redial
- Incoming call recieving
- Fully electronic validator
- Graphic LCD (128dots x 64dots)
- Volume control
- Heavy duty housing
- Coin jam release
- Support external antenne

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